TAC-WC 2017 will be held in San Diego, 7/7-7/9

Dear friends, Happy New Year:

In July last year, the Taiwanese American Conference – West Coast (TAC-WC) was held in San Francisco, organized by the Taiwanese American Federation of Northern California (TAFNC) and the North America Taiwanese Professors’ Association. Needless to say, the conference’s atmosphere was welcoming, its scene grand, and its programs exciting. While the striking memory was still fresh, the San Diego team has been working hard to prepare for TAC-WC 2017 under the Chairmanship of Professor Ming T. Tsuang and the Convener General of Professor James J Y Hsu.  After many meetings, the team has decided that the theme of TAC-WC 2017 would be “Uniting Generation; Integrating Minds.” It seeks to combine the vitality of young people and the wisdom of senior people and stimulate a cross-generation interaction. Thus, Professor Charles Tu, the Program Committee Chair, has planned to cover political, economic, social and cultural subjects and other subjects. A conference tour has also been planned.

Last year, Taiwan elected the first female President, and the Pan Green Coalition also won the majority seats in Congress. After the legislation of illicit party asset regulation, Taiwan’s transition justice and judicial reform are in progress and are gradually taking shape. Unfortunately, the anti-progressive and the ultra-oppressive are colluding with the Red Force, conspiring the counterattack to constrain the policies of the new administration. The economic revitalization could not commence at a spurring pace, and new challenges and crises did not stop emerging. The United States has also elected an unconventional leader that only adds more unpredictable risks to Taiwan’s foreign political situation. Facing treacherous political peril both within and beyond, Taiwan’s young administration will be constantly challenged, and it is up to us, who are watching vigilantly, to voice our concerns, and grant Taiwan our support. This year’s conference will bring us the direct and first-hand information and publicize our opinions.

The conference is scheduled for July 7- 9, and the venue is at the San Diego Marriott – Mission Valley. A few days before and after the meeting, the hotel has granted us a special conference discount rate. It is a great opportunity to take this trip and feel the ocean waves of San Diego and Mexico. For reservation, call  (619) 692-3800, or go online at https://goo.gl/dElrVF.

Friends, we sincerely welcome you to attend TAC-WC 2017, to catch up with old friends, to discuss about the issues of great concern to all of us, and to cherish the well-being of Taiwan, the United States, this generation, and the next generation!

TAC-WC 2017 Planning Committee

Contact Us:Secretary General Vernna Lai (925-858-3501; vernna_lai@hotmail.com)