Planning Committee in Full Swing

Dear friends, Happy Lunar New Year:

TAC-WC (Taiwanese American Conference – West Coast) 2017 has been scheduled for 7/7-7/9, to be held in one of America’s finest cities: the comfortable and scenic San Diego. The Planning Committee, chaired by Prof. Ming T. Tsuang and convened by Prof.James J Y Hsu, has been in full swing since August of last year, and has collaborated with the cross-generation organizations within the San Diego Taiwanese community to ensure that the conference will be an enriching experience.

The Program Committee, chaired by Professor Charles Tu, has devised a wide range of topics to be discussed at the conference, such as politics, economy, society, science and technology, education, and culture, and has invited multiple speakers from US, Taiwan and beyond to share with us their wisdom on the proposed topics. Additionally, Roger Ku, President of the Taiwanese Association of Professionals – San Diego Chapter (TAP-SD), will be leading the youth team to prepare forums and lectures for the second generation.

Other esteemed members of the Planning Committee have dedicated their energy and talent to ensure an exciting cross-generation conference. Chief Financial Officer Ms. Vivian Fu, sporting a splendid career serving Taiwanese American organizations across the country, will be joining us in the conference. We are particularly honored to have Ms. Sylvia Fan direct the musical program. Furthermore, Ms. Esther Chen has oversaw the logistics of the event, and Dr. Philips Lin has provided us with equipment support. Mr. Wei-Hao Huang, ever the friendly and spirited team player, has meticulously planned the post-conference tour to promise a memorable vacation perfect for the summer time.

Friends, we sincerely invite you all to join us at the TAC-WC 2017. For hotel booking, please call: (619) 692-3800, or go online at If you have any comments, please feel free to contact us.

TAC-WC2017 Planning Committee

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