Planning Committee in Full Swing

Dear friends, Happy Lunar New Year:

TAC-WC (Taiwanese American Conference – West Coast) 2017 has been scheduled for 7/7-7/9, to be held in one of America’s finest cities: the comfortable and scenic San Diego. The Planning Committee, chaired by Prof. Ming T. Tsuang and convened by Prof.James J Y Hsu, has been in full swing since August of last year, and has collaborated with the cross-generation organizations within the San Diego Taiwanese community to ensure that the conference will be an enriching experience. Continue reading “Planning Committee in Full Swing”

籌備團隊 陣容堅強


2017年美西台灣人夏令會已定於7/7-7/9在景緻優美、氣候宜人的聖地牙哥舉行。籌備委員會早在去年八月即已成軍,正如火如荼的進行各項籌備工作。籌備委員會由莊明哲教授擔任主席、許正餘教授擔任總召集人,結合聖地牙哥地區跨世代的台灣人社團成員協力參與。 Continue reading “籌備團隊 陣容堅強”

TAC-WC 2017 will be held in San Diego, 7/7-7/9

Dear friends, Happy New Year:

In July last year, the Taiwanese American Conference – West Coast (TAC-WC) was held in San Francisco, organized by the Taiwanese American Federation of Northern California (TAFNC) and the North America Taiwanese Professors’ Association. Needless to say, the conference’s atmosphere was welcoming, its scene grand, and its programs exciting. While the striking memory was still fresh, the San Diego team has been working hard to prepare for TAC-WC 2017 under the Chairmanship of Professor Ming T. Tsuang and the Convener General of Professor James J Y Hsu.  After many meetings, the team has decided that the theme of TAC-WC 2017 would be “Uniting Generation; Integrating Minds.” It seeks to combine the vitality of young people and the wisdom of senior people and stimulate a cross-generation interaction. Thus, Professor Charles Tu, the Program Committee Chair, has planned to cover political, economic, social and cultural subjects and other subjects. A conference tour has also been planned. Continue reading “TAC-WC 2017 will be held in San Diego, 7/7-7/9”




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