TAC-WC 2019 Announcement No. 3

During the winter months, several staff members went back to Taiwan to celebrate the Lunar New Year and to spend time with family and friends. Without them, the preparation work for the conference slowed down considerably. Two members have now returned and ready to move forward. The third will not be back until April; we agree to communicate with using Line or email if needed..

We set the clock one hour ahead to the daylight-saving time few days ago; performing this ritual reminds me of the arrival of Spring. With the coming of Spring, birds start to sing, abd plants begin to sprout and put forth buds and fresh leaves. Spring gives us vitality, and this will certainly propel the conference organization group to move forward and set the preparation steps in gear to make it ready for the conference to smoothly take place in July.

I would like to inform the work we have done since Announcement No. 2 was sent.

  1. Tom Yu (TAC-WC member living in Arizona) has set up a website for 2019 TAC-WC: http://tac-wc.org. The website allows us to post and retrieve conference information, to do online registration, and keep track of registration payments, …etc. In addition to posting this announcement (Announcement No. 3), I shall also run it through www.TaiwanUS.net. We thank Martin Tsai, Editor of TaiwanUS.net for providing us the service. In order not to further encumber Martin, we shall post subsequent announcements on our website. It is thus important for the members to login the website to receive new information.

  2. Conference Speakers: Ed Huang (Board member representing the San Francisco/Bay Area) serves as chairman for inviting speakers. Realizing the need for passing the baton to the new generation of Taiwanese Americans, Ed places equal weight on selecting generation 1 (G-1) and generation 2 (G-2) speakers at this conference. We have now three G-1 speakers accepted the invitation. They are Josephine Yang (黃河芬 FAPA President of the Southern California Chapter) 洪英花 (well known Judge from Taiwan); Martin Tsai (Editor of TaiwanmUS.net); to complete the G-1 speaker list , we are still searching for the keynote speaker. With the help of Yamei Lee (a former president of NATWA, North American Taiwanese Women Association), five young people with outstanding credentials have accepted the invitations as G-2 speakers and moderators. Their names are: Cecilia Chueh, Chieh-Ting Yeh, Lily Wang, Julie Wu, Deana Chuang, Chris Lin. The short bios of all speakers will be posted on the website.

  3. The TAC-WC 2019 has organized two post-conference tours. Those tours are very popular. The northbound tour from Salt Lake City to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks is now full. The southbound tour to five NP in Southern Utah is still available but the bus seat is also filling up fast. The hotel cost of the southbound tour is rather reasonable compared with that of northbound. The  price for staying at the La Quinta Inn & Suites in  Moab [Telephone Number: 435-259-8700 or 1-866-527-1498; address:  815 South Main St., Moab, UT 84532], where the group shall stay on the evening of 7/21 has been renegotiated for the group rate of $154/room/night, including breakfast, not $165/room/night previously quoted in Announcement No.2.  For 7/22 and 7/23 the group will stay at Abbey Inn, Cedar City (address: 940 W 200 N, Cedar City, UT 84720.  Tel : 435-586-9966), with the group rate only of $110/room/night, breakfast included. Please mention that you are with the group TAC-WC when you call to book the rooms to receive the group discount rates for both hotels.

  4. Both tours last for five days, with the last day (7/25) to tour Salt Lake City. The City tour is originally scheduled to complete at 5 PM for both buses. In order to make it convenient for those who plan to leave Utah on 7/25, we plan to have one bus ends the tour at the airport at about 3PM, and the other bus will stop at the guesthouse at about 5PM for the members who plan to overnight on 7/25. Hope this will help the planning on purchasing the return airline tickets.

— Jim Wang


驚艷 ! 驚喜!驚奇!2017美西夏令會精彩節目內容出爐了!!

好消息!訂房優惠延至6/23,並為鄉親爭取到更多房間,沒訂到房間的鄉親這次要動作快,不要又錯過了!註冊也跟著延到6/23以後才收late fee!


只有註冊聽演講的鄉親,一定要加購 7/8的晚宴,否則就聽不到顧立雄的演講及高水準的”台灣之夜”&音樂會喔!


7/8 晚上 Banquet Keynote Speaker 顧立雄:「台灣民主轉型的未竟之業—從轉型正義與不當黨產談起」

7/8 上午 我們的老朋友陳鈴津博士:「Taiwan Biomedical Industry: Opportunities and challenges」

7/8 上午 國際知名學者施芳瓏教授:「Departing from Panama’s Severing of Diplomatic Ties:Techno Third Prince Nezha Walking into Global Villages Making Friends 從巴拿馬斷交再出發:電音三太子哪吒 走進全球村落 結識朋友」


美西鄉親總動員,緊來報名夏令會 ! 享受飯店優惠只剩不到3個禮拜



夏令會的籌備委員真的是很努力,個個使出渾身解數、群策群力,為鄉親邀到的講員都是一時之選、講題更是貼近時代脈動。例如:顧立雄來談轉型正義及不當黨產;時代力量的年輕新血及執政黨的蔡易餘及優秀黨工來論司法改革及時政;還有更多專家學者及第二代企業家及傑出青年來分享他們的專業與熱情。所有精彩的節目都登在網站上( www.TAC-WC.org ),請大家上網瀏覽。


真的是不要再猶豫了!訂房優惠只到6/16,行動要快啊!有任何問題,歡迎聯絡: 賴惠玫(vernna_lai@hotmail.com)

Planning Committee in Full Swing

Dear friends, Happy Lunar New Year:

TAC-WC (Taiwanese American Conference – West Coast) 2017 has been scheduled for 7/7-7/9, to be held in one of America’s finest cities: the comfortable and scenic San Diego. The Planning Committee, chaired by Prof. Ming T. Tsuang and convened by Prof.James J Y Hsu, has been in full swing since August of last year, and has collaborated with the cross-generation organizations within the San Diego Taiwanese community to ensure that the conference will be an enriching experience. Continue reading “Planning Committee in Full Swing”

籌備團隊 陣容堅強


2017年美西台灣人夏令會已定於7/7-7/9在景緻優美、氣候宜人的聖地牙哥舉行。籌備委員會早在去年八月即已成軍,正如火如荼的進行各項籌備工作。籌備委員會由莊明哲教授擔任主席、許正餘教授擔任總召集人,結合聖地牙哥地區跨世代的台灣人社團成員協力參與。 Continue reading “籌備團隊 陣容堅強”

TAC-WC 2017 will be held in San Diego, 7/7-7/9

Dear friends, Happy New Year:

In July last year, the Taiwanese American Conference – West Coast (TAC-WC) was held in San Francisco, organized by the Taiwanese American Federation of Northern California (TAFNC) and the North America Taiwanese Professors’ Association. Needless to say, the conference’s atmosphere was welcoming, its scene grand, and its programs exciting. While the striking memory was still fresh, the San Diego team has been working hard to prepare for TAC-WC 2017 under the Chairmanship of Professor Ming T. Tsuang and the Convener General of Professor James J Y Hsu.  After many meetings, the team has decided that the theme of TAC-WC 2017 would be “Uniting Generation; Integrating Minds.” It seeks to combine the vitality of young people and the wisdom of senior people and stimulate a cross-generation interaction. Thus, Professor Charles Tu, the Program Committee Chair, has planned to cover political, economic, social and cultural subjects and other subjects. A conference tour has also been planned. Continue reading “TAC-WC 2017 will be held in San Diego, 7/7-7/9”




Continue reading “2017美西夏令會7/7-7/9在聖地牙哥舉行”