Short Bio of the Southbound Tour Guide, Jeanny Wang

Jeanny Wang is an environmental scientist and engineer with a love for nature, music, languages and travel.  She holds degrees in environmental science (and German), natural resources and civil and environmental engineering and has spent twenty-five years working on wetlands and water issues for agencies, companies and NGOs around the world.  Her recent consulting projects focus on water resource management, climate resilience and wetlands conservation in California, Taiwan, China, Russia, Mongolia, and Laos.  Jeanny spent her early years enjoying the mountains and deserts of Utah: now living in the San Francisco Bay area, she enjoys, skiing, sailing and dragon boat whenever possible.  She speaks German, Chinese, French, Spanish and some Russian.  Jeanny is please to have the opportunity to be a tour guide for the southern Utah portion of the conference.
Jeanny Wang  王怡人