About Us

Inception of the Taiwanese American Conferences – West Coast (TAC-WC)

The Board of Directors (BOD) of the Taiwanese American Conferences – West Coast (TAC-WC) is glad to announce the inception of this corporation.

Mission Statement for TAC-WC is as follows:

  1. To promote fellowship, sharing experiences and social contacts among Taiwanese Americans of all ages and genders, particularly for those living in the West Coast of the United States.
  2. To promote inter-action , cooperation among Taiwanese American organizations in the United States.
  3. To promote exerting best effort to contribute to American communities.
  4. To preserve Taiwanese culture, tradition and heritages

In the past 30+ years, numerous TAC-WC Conferences have been held throughout the Region. Many of you would have remembered the comradeships you had built during those conferences and look forward to the next.

In 2012, Ken S. Huang (黃根深) recognized the need to form an “organization” to coordinate the TAC-WC Conference much like the TAC-EC operation so the Conferences will be held each summer without disruption.

During the 2016 TAC-WC held in Foster City, CA, there was a consensus among the Taiwanese leaders from different west coast cities to form an “organization” to coordinate the TAC-WC’s.  Hence during the conference, under the initiation of Ed Huang (黃東昇), Daniel Ko (柯耀宗), and Stephen Lin (林俊提), an ad hoc committee was formed by these leaders.  The purpose of the committee was to form such an organization (which was named later as TAC-WC Board of Directors) and to draft a TAC-WC Bylaws. After nine months of coordination, the committee has (1) drafted and approved the Bylaws, and (2) incorporated TAC-WC.  Furthermore, TAC-WC has applied for the non-profit status.

The current BOD consists of five Directors from the following geographical regions: Las Vegas/Salt Lake City (Jim Wang 王進賢), Los Angeles (Tony Lee 李賢群), San Diego (Kenneth K. Wang 王克雄), San Francisco/Sacramento (Ed Huang黃東昇), Seattle/Portland (John Chou 周昭亮).  Kenneth K. Wang is the Chairperson.

With the TAC-WC in place, all Taiwanese Americans on the West Coast and the nearby regions can now enjoy the popular summer gatherings year after year.  Our first conference after this incorporation will be held in San Diego from 7/7/17 to 7/9/17.  More details of the 2017 TAC-WC Conference will be announced by the San Diego Planning Committee organized by Jang-Yu Hsu (許正餘).